The Goldlist method: Learning vocabulary words by writing them down

Step 1

Sign-in and create your own virtual profile with your own database of phrases.

Step 2

Create 14 – 20 phrases in your target language followed by the translation in your first language.

Step 3

After you have at least 15 phrases, just click on the Create a new Goldlist button.

Step 4

Write down all the phrases displayed on the screen, one by one.

Step 5

Say each phrase aloud.

Step 6

Create a new Goldlist every day and follow the instruction on the dashboard.

Are you struggling with a foreign language? You have had enough of flashcards and memorizing glossaries? If so, the Goldlist method may help, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen!

Why this works

The key to this method is to take your time and acquire vocabulary passively through spaced repetition and the process of physically writing words down. By limiting your study blocks to around 20 minutes each, followed by 10-minute breaks, you ensure that your brain stays focused and activated to learn new words. Waiting a minimum of 2 weeks allows for any effect of short-term memory to have worn off. This means that the words that you easily recognize are already ingrained in your long-term memory. If you cycle between new head lists and various distillations each day, you will quickly amass a book filled with many words.

Overall, the Goldlist method provides a great alternative to flashcards and memory mnemonics. If you want to improve your language skills, you will need vocabulary. Create a new Goldlist every day because you regularly learn the language (listen to series and podcasts, read articles, etc.). You will quickly see your vocabulary increase exponentially.

The basic principle

You start by writing down lists of phrases you want to learn. Then, you wait for at least two weeks to find out that you almost miraculously remember 30% of the expressions from each list – long-term! Sounds incredible, right? Try it out for yourself!

Why choose the functionality on

- you don't have to count the words

- you don't have to write down the date nor remember it

- you don't have to keep track of the two-week period

- you won't see the phrases from the goldlist when you finish it

- accurately calculates 30% elimination

- you can set up an email notification

- you always see only one phrase to translate

- you go through each sentence separately

- you can write on any paper and then throw it away

- you don't have to use colored pens

There are many more benefits such as the database, searching, and accessibility.

The explanation of the method is based on free detailed ebook called Goldlist Method In a Nutshell at by Lýdia Machová, a polyglot, language mentor, and TED speaker who helps others learn languages by themselves from Language Mentoring. The author of the method is David James at Huliganov TV Blog, a polyglot who created the method based on how our brains remember new information: as long as they receive it in a relaxed state, they will naturally pick a few items that will be stored in long-term memory. You can’t influence which words the brain picks but you can make sure your brain is exposed to new vocabulary regularly so that it remembers words naturally. And those that it doesn’t will simply be repeated until it does.