Usefull tips for you

If you have your own tips, don't hesitate and share them with me!


Just short sentences or phrases

Avoid single words and conjunctions with the verb indefinitely. Ideally, the term should consist of 2 – 4 words, of which only one is completely new to us.


Word memorization

If you try to memorize words, you will consciously discard the long-term memory because you will memorize only the short-term one.


Mindless writing

When you are writing and filtering lists, you must be fully focused and not rush. You need to be aware of what you are writing and care about it.


Writing and filtering lists too long

Even when goldlisting, we can get tired and we can tire our memory out as well, so it doesn't hurt to take small breaks so that the long-term memory can rest and start up again.


Use attractive materials

The resources and materials from which you will draw vocabulary should be of interest to you and must be fun. You should be able to use the terms you write in conversations with strangers or in the workplace with your colleagues. If you write down words that you will never use, your brain will not even have a reason to remember them.



Try to use the web on your mobile or tablet. Now your goldlists are with you everywhere.